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an error message comes up saying “unsupported url”

Hi Everyone!

Thnak you always for using and supporting Brainfeed.

So very sorry for the recent inconvenience! 
We have been working hard on this issue this last week.

Youtube unexpectedly made changes in the last 10 days which changed some access to our libraries of videos and the way our app must call the videos to play.

We are working hard on it. We completed an app update which fixes the errors and are waiting for Apple's review and approval to publish the update. In the update process, Apple is requiring areas of app being updated to include new connections and new requirements as well. So it is taking some time to get it done and approved. And there has been some back and forth with Apple on changes/approvals. We are working on it non-stop and will update everyone as soon as the update is approved. This update will handle all the errors.

Thanks for your patience,
Very unexpected, very inconvenient. Very Sorry!
We appreciate you and all the Brainfeed Kids.


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